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Advantages and Structural Characteristics of Threaded Flanges

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  Threaded flange is a kind of non-welded flange, which processes the inner hole of flange into pipe threads and connects with threaded pipes. Compared with the flat welding flange or butt welding flange, the threaded flange has the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance, and can be used in some pipelines where welding is not allowed. Alloy steel flange has enough strength, but it is not easy to weld, or the welding performance is not good, also can choose threaded flange. But when the temperature of the pipeline changes sharply or the temperature is higher than 20 ~45 ~C. We recommend not to use threaded flanges in order to avoid leakage.

  There are two types of sealing surface of High Quality Stainless Steel Threaded Flanges From Shengtian,full plane and protruding surface. Considering the structural characteristics of threaded flange. Therefore,threaded flanges is not suitable for inflammable/explosive and highly hazardous occasions. Low nuclear pressure, such as air conditioning water system, can be used safely.

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