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Advantages of each Production Process of Blind Flange

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  Blind flange is a solid plate, or common steel plate, which is used to block pipeline equipment at the joint of two blind flanges. The blind flanges purpose is to test the pressure, leak and plug the pipeline of pipeline equipment.

  The product pipeline size range is & frac12; "96", and the Blind flanges grade range is 150 Blind flange products use convex or circular tongue mortise to join the gasket surface. Blind flange products have two series A (MSS SP44) or B (API 605), which conform to ASME/ANSI B16.5 and B16.47 specifications.

  The ASTM A105 Class300 RF Carbon Steel Blind Flange production process is mainly divided into forging, casting, cutting and rolling.

  The casting Blind flanges has accurate shape and size, small workload and low cost, but has casting defects (pore, crack, inclusion); the inner structure of the casting is poor streamlined (if it is a cutting part, the streamlined is worse);

  The advantages of castings Blind flanges are that they can produce more complex shapes and have lower cost.

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