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Production knowledge and application of flange tube plate flange manufacturer

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plate flange is to drill a hole slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe on the circular steel plate. It is a round steel that plays the role of fixing the pipe and sealing medium in the heat exchanger. It is a kind of fitting that penetrates and welds the pipe to fix it.
The processing accuracy of tubesheet flange, especially the pipe hole spacing and pipe diameter tolerance, perpendicularity and finish, greatly affect the assembly and service performance of the chemical equipment listed above.
In the calculation of fixed flange tubesheet flange, the axial stress of shell, the axial stress of heat exchange pipe and the pull-out force between heat exchange pipe and flange tubesheet flange are calculated according to various working conditions with temperature difference. If one of them cannot meet the strength (or stability) conditions, it is necessary to set expansion joints.
In the strength check calculation of fixed flange tubesheet flange, when the thickness of flange tubesheet flange is determined and no expansion joint is set, sometimes the strength of flange tubesheet flange is not enough. After the expansion joint is set, the thickness of flange tubesheet flange may meet the requirements. At this time, expansion joints can also be set to reduce the flange and tubesheet flange, but it depends on the comprehensive evaluation of material consumption, manufacturing difficulty, safety and economic effect.
U-shaped expansion joint is commonly used in fixed flange tubesheet flange heat exchanger. It has the advantages of compact and simple structure, good compensation and low price.
With the large-scale of chemical equipment and power stations, the diameter of flange tubesheet flange is becoming larger and larger. Flange tubesheet flange with diameter of 4m-5m is very common. Large flange tubesheet flange is characterized by large number of pipe holes, dense, small diameter, deep, high precision and finish requirements.
Application: flange tubesheet flange is widely used in tubular heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air conditioning and other industries.
It is mainly used in chemical vessels, such as tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessel, boiler, condenser, central air conditioning, evaporator and seawater desalination. It plays the role of supporting and fixing tubular. The metal material makes it not only have strong rigidity, but also have great heat conduction performance.

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