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Different application of common flange and blind flange

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Flange has been widely used in chemical engineering, architecture, petroleum, sanitation, pipeline, fire protection and other basic engineering because of its good performance.
In the pipeline strength test or the sealing test, the blind plate of the original start-up preparation stage can not be used at the same time as the connecting equipment. Blind Flange to be installed in the equipment and pipe connections.
The tubes of various process materials are connected in the boundary area outside the boundary area. When the equipment stops running, a blind shall be installed at the cut-off Valve.
Flange blind material including carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, plastic and so on. Due to its good sealing performance, flange blind plate plays the role of isolation, cutting, sealing head, pipe cover and so on. Complete separation is usually used as a constant means of isolation.
The blind plate is a solid plate with a handle. In general, it is more convenient to use flange blind in isolation systems under general conditions. For Normal operation, yellow throttling rings can also be used to fill the installation gap of the blind plate on the pipe.

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