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What factors determine the service life of blind flange

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  There are many factors affecting the service life of blind flange. Because of the high viscous ANSI B16.5 Stainless Steel Forged FF Blind Flange material and poor chip breaking performance,blind flange is easy to scratch workpiece threads or tap edge collapse during tapping with taps in France, which affects the processing efficiency and thread quality. In order to prolong the service life of taps and improve the quality of thread processing,

  In coil mill, the thermomechanical history of blind flange length changes obviously, especially in blind flange production, which will strongly affect the recrystallization degree, grain growth and precipitation on finishing mill, and lead to drastic changes in the ultimate microstructures and functions of blind flange length. When grinding, blind flange is necessary to keep the original geometric shape of the front guide part. Blind flange is better to use the tap shovel grinder for grinding. The best way to solve the problem of longer base surface of tap is to customize the tap with shorter base surface according to the specific requirements of the processed thread.

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