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Casting method of carbon steel blind flange

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Carbon steel blind flange is produced by precision casting method. Compared with ordinary sand casting, this kind of casting has much finer structure and improved quality. It is not easy to have problems such as loose structure, pores, trachoma and so on.
First of all, we need to know how the centrifugal flange is produced, the process method and product of centrifugal casting for making flat welded flange. Its feature is that the product is processed through the following process steps:
① Put the raw material steel into the medium frequency electric furnace for melting to make the molten steel temperature reach 1600-1700 ℃;
② Preheat the metal mold to 800-900 ℃ and keep the constant temperature;
③ Start centrifuge
Inject the molten steel in step into the preheated metal mold in step
④ The casting is naturally cooled to 800-900 ℃ for 1-10 minutes;
⑤ Cool with water to near normal temperature, demould and take out the casting.

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