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Introduction to basic information of common plate flange

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The common plate flange air duct is also known as the non flange air duct. Its manufacturing form is faster and more convenient than the traditional rectangular air duct.
The utility model has the advantages of saving materials and reducing project investment; Reduce energy consumption and save operation cost, which is popular with construction enterprises.
The common plate flange is mainly connected by angle code, flange clamp and flange integrated with the air duct. Although the cost of this form of air duct is low (reducing the consumption of angle steel and the labor consumption of making angle steel flange)
However, it is not as firm as angle steel flange in practical application, and the air leakage is also large, and it must be processed by machine tools. It can hardly be made by hand. It is usually only used in fresh air system, air conditioning system, etc. the smoke exhaust system is still an air duct often connected with angle steel flange. However, common flange connection is absolutely not allowed in civil air defense projects

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