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ASTM A105 Galvanized Threaded Flange

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  ASTM A105 Galvanized Threaded Flange industry now faces three big challenges: one is the capacity of the consumption problem. In the next 3 years to 5 years, even in the next 10 years, stainless steel flange industry to consumption capacity, can be consumed by exploring international market capacity. The second is raw material problem. Raw materials such as nickel, chromium stainless steel flange are produced in our country many came from abroad, especially the laterite nickel ore, mainly from the equator tropical countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines. At present 60% of laterite nickel ore from Indonesia, but Indonesia has released the laterite nickel ore export policy, from January 1st, 2014, banned the export of laterite nickel ore. In addition to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries in the future may also be a similar policy, because it is impossible for any country to primary products to export at a low price for a long time. Stainless steel flange production enterprise in our country, in this case, how to obtain laterite nickel ore has become a pressing problem. 3 it is cost problem, especially the problem of Labour costs have risen sharply. Now a lot of labor cost is higher and higher, for this stainless steel flange production enterprises using advanced technology to improve the level of technology, to reduce the cost of labor and production.

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