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Application of stainless steel socket flange

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  Stainless steel socket flange generally has a strong sealing, tensile, bending, compressive and so on, according to a variety of properties, stainless steel flange can also be divided into blind flange, weld neck flange, socket flange, plate flange, threaded flange and so on, each kind of stainless steel flange has its own product parameters.

  Stainless steel socket flanges: commonly used in pipes with PN less than 10.0Mpa and DN less than 40.

  In addition, the installation process of ANSI B16.5 Calss 900 Stainless Steel Socket Flange must be professional, usually first joint positioning, installation of sealing ring, sealing sleeve inside and sleeve cone hole. Install the card sleeve and grease the contact part between the sleeve and the cone cone for easy installation. To install bolts and spherical nuts, grease should be applied to the spherical surface and threads for installation, etc. Finally, after installation, the ends of the two joints should be in close contact with the ribs of the sealing ring without any clearance.

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