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Do Weld Neck Flanges Include Socket Weld flanges

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The full name of the neck welding flange is the neck flat welding steel pipe flange, which extends the steel pipe and pipe fittings into the flange and connects with the equipment or pipeline through fillet welds.
Socket welding flange refers to the flange that is inserted into the flange ring ladder at the end of the pipe and welded at the end and outside of the pipe. There are two kinds with and without neck. The pipe flange with neck has good rigidity, small welding deformation and good sealing performance. It can be used for occasions with pressure of 1.0 ~ 10.0MPa. Type B flange for vessel is also a socket welding flange, which is used in occasions with high sealing requirements. During design, socket welding flange can be checked as integral flange

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