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The Type Of Flanges

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  1, According to the chemical (Hg) industry standard: integral flange (if), threaded flange (th), welding plate flange (PL), welding neck flange (WN), slip on flange (so), Socket flange (SW) and welding ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat welding ring loose flange PJ/RJ, lining flange cover (BL (s)), blind flange (BL).

  2, According to the petrochemical industry standard(SH): threaded flange (PT), butt welded flange (WN), flat welding flange (so), bearing socket weld flange (SW), loose flanges (LJ), cover flange (not table note).

  3, According to the standard of industry of machinery (JB): integral flange, butt welded flange and plate flange, butt welding ring plate pine sleeve flange, welding ring plate type flange, a flange ring plate loose loose set of flange, Blind flange.

  4, According to the Chinese standard (GB): integral flanged, threaded flange, welded flange, welding neck flange, hubbed socket welding flange, butt welding ring neck loose flange, a plate flange, butt welding ring plate flange, welding ring plate loose sleeve flange, flange ring plate loose loose set of flange,Blind flange.

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