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6000PSI Forged Welding Neck Flange

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  Advantages of large flanges Large flanges in the use of the process will have a different use value, with different types of efficacy and use.6000PSI Forged Welding Neck Flange material is different, the production and processing of the process is different, so the use and processing of large flanges should pay special attention to methods, in accordance with certain processes and methods to use. Large Flanges Common Large Flanges are flat welded large flanges and butt welded large flanges. Flat welding large flange of the poor, the scope of application is the pressure p ≤ 4MPa occasions; welding large flange, also known as high-neck large flange, high rigidity, suitable for high pressure temperature occasions. Large flange sealing surface type there are three: flat seal surface, for the pressure is not high, the media non-toxic occasions; convex sealing surface, for a slightly higher pressure occasions; tongue seal surface, for flammable, easy Burst, toxic media and high pressure occasions. Different nature of the large flange fittings in different areas with good product performance, to adapt to the different occasions and space, the resulting effect will be different.

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