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What does PN represent in stainless steel weld neck flange?

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  PN is the nominal pressure, which means that the unit is 0.1 MPa in the international unit system and kgf/cm2 in the engineering unit system. The weld neck flange determination of nominal pressure should not only be based on the highest working pressure, but also on the highest working temperature and material characteristics, and not only satisfy the nominal pressure greater than the working pressure. Another parameter of ASTM B16.5 A182 F304 Forged Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange is DN, which is the parameter of flange size.

  Low-pressure small diameter wire-jointed weld neck flange, high-pressure and low-pressure large diameter weld neck flange are used stainless steel weld neck flange, the thickness of weld neck flange under different pressure and the diameter and number of connecting bolts are different. In high-pressure equipment and pipelines, lenticular or other shaped metal gaskets made of copper, aluminium, steel No. 10 and stainless steel are used. The contact width between the high pressure gasket and the sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), and the processing smoothness between the sealing surface and the gasket is relatively high.

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