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Forging at low temperature forging changes

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  Forging at low temperature forging changes in size is very small at 700 ℃ forging oxide scale and the formation of less surface decarburization phenomenon. So as long as the deformation in the forming range of cold forging easy to get a good dimensional accuracy and surface finish, as long as the control of temperature and lubrication cooling 700 ℃ the following warm forging can also get very good accuracy. Forging deformation due to deformation and deformation resistance can be very small forging complex shape of the large forgings, to get high dimensional accuracy of forgings in the 900-1000 ℃ temperature field with hot forging processing, the other should pay attention to improving the working environment forging hot forging The die life is shorter compared to forging in other temperature domains but its freedom is large and low DIN 2634 Carbon Steel Threaded Flange.

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