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Difference between "common plate flange" and "angle iron flange"

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The common plate flange air duct is also known as the non flange air duct. Its manufacturing form is faster than the traditional rectangular air duct.
Angle iron flange air duct is the flange of galvanized steel air duct made of angle iron, which is a kind of air duct connection.
Galvanized steel sheet air duct has two types: flange connection and non flange connection. Moreover, the general air duct has a flange, and the small air duct has no flange.
The use of galvanized steel duct has the following advantages:
1. Good fireproof performance is also one of the reasons why galvanized air duct is widely used in engineering.
2. Products are mostly used for the consumption of large shopping malls, office buildings, subway stations, large supermarkets and modern chemical plants. People have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life and environment. When building construction and some factories will consider whether the ventilation system is good, and planting some plants at home also needs good ventilation to ensure the vigorous growth of plants.
3. The galvanized air duct has smooth inner wall, low resistance, low ventilation loss, reduced energy consumption, saved operation cost, good air tightness and tightness, and high bearing and compressive strength.
4. The galvanized air duct has the advantages of simple installation, convenient on-site manufacturing and close cooperation with civil engineering, and can be suitable for very complex purification and ventilation projects.

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