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Price Trend of Large Blind Flange

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  The production equipment of large blind flange is mainly maintained. Maintenance work as a supplement. Local disassembly and inspection of the equipment are carried out as planned. Clean the prescribed parts and dredge the roads and pipelines. Replace or clean the oil washing line and oil filter, adjust the mating clearance between various parts of the equipment of large flange, tighten the loose bolts, and replace the unusable bolts in time. Ordinary ASTM B16.5 RF Class150 Stainless Steel Blind Flange maintenance can be done once a month. The blind flange large-scale maintenance is mainly based on maintenance workers, with specific operators participating and included in the monthly maintenance plan of the equipment. Such large maintenance is to repair and inspect some key parts of large blind flange, replace some vulnerable parts, and repair electrical parts. Local key position recovery accuracy, thus meeting the minimum requirements for processing parts. We just want the equipment to run, not to maintain it. It is not feasible. Only by combining use with maintenance and maintenance, can large blind flange equipment be better served for the factory.

  As a sealing and fastening connector, large blind flanges are easy to install, flexible in position and long in service life. They are widely used in large containers in aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other fields.

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