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Differences between socket welding flange and other flanges

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Socket welding flange refers to the flange that the end of the pipe is inserted into the flange ring ladder and welded at the end and outside of the pipe. There are two kinds with and without neck. The pipe flange with neck has good rigidity, small welding deformation and good sealing performance. It can be used in occasions with pressure of 1.0 ~ 10.0MPa. B-type flange for container also belongs to socket welding flange, which is used in occasions with high sealing requirements
According to the different connection modes of flange and pipe, it can be divided into thread, loose sleeve and welding flange. The welding flange can also be divided into butt welding flange. The application occasions of flat welding flange and socket welding flange are also different. In addition, the butt welding flange is the same as the pipe to be welded. The pipe diameter and wall thickness of the interface end are the same as those of the pipe to be welded.
The flat welding flange is a concave platform slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe processed at the interface, and the pipe is inserted into it for welding.
Butt welding has better welding performance and less corrosion. Flat welding flanges are generally used for low and medium pressure pipelines, butt welding flanges are used for the connection of medium and high pressure pipelines, and butt welding flanges are generally at least pN2 5MPa, butt welding is used to reduce stress concentration.

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