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Plate Flange is a Flange Product with Excellent Technological Performance

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  Plate flange is a flange product with good process characteristics and performance. Plate flange can show good value and function in use, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional butt welding flange. Plate flange has many advantages: standard flange not only saves space and reduces weight, but also ensures that the joint does not leak.

  What are the characteristics of large-caliber plate flange connection: the primary characteristics of flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing flange, two flanges are requested to adhere to parallel, flange sealing surface can not be damaged, and to clean up. Gaskets used for flange should be selected according to planning rules. Plate flange is processed by high-temperature quenched abrasive steel lathe. In high pressure flange, butt welding flange series is generally used. The steel ANSI A106 DN200 Stainless Steel Plate Flange is a flange made by cutting and blanking the hot rolled medium plate produced by the steel mill. It is mainly suitable for the flat welded plate flange with small caliber. Plate flange: It is used for butt welding of flange and pipe. Its structure is reasonable, strength and stiffness are large, Plate flange can withstand high temperature and pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, and its sealing is reliable. Plate flange with nominal pressure of 0.252.5 MPa adopts concave-convex sealing surface.

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