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Effect and processing method of weld neck flange

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  The main functions of theweld neck flanges are divided into the following categories:

  1, the pipeline has trouble, easy to disassemble the test.

  2. Connect the pipeline and keep the pipeline with good sealing performance.

  3. If there is a problem in a certain section of the pipeline, it is easy to replace a certain section of the pipeline.

  The weld neck flanges have some technical requirements and technical parameters in production and use, and are produced and processed in accordance with certain methods and methods.

  1、the Stainless Steel Class 150 Weld Neck Flange ring should be heat treated . The radiographic inspection is in line with the II level requirement , and the ultrasonic flaw detection is in line with the requirement of level. The weld neck flange adopts certain welding standards and technology production and processing, which meets the corresponding national production standards and requirements.

  2、 the production of weld neck flange should be ultrasonic flaw detection, no delamination defects, ensure good quality and performance problems, according to certain quality requirements, production and inspection, to ensure that the production and use of steel plate has no quality problems.

  3、the strip should be cut along the rolling direction of the steel, and the circular ring is welded through the bending, and the surface of the steel is formed to form the cylinder of the ring. In the production of harais, steel plate can not be processed into weld neck flange, and a certain process is made and processed.

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