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Socket Flange sealing connection

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  The creep relaxation of ASTM Alloy Socket Flanges sealing connection is the result of the interaction of the gasket, the bolt and the socket flange. When the bolted flange joint enters the working state, under the action of the medium pressure, the bolt becomes deformed and stretched, the deformation of the gasket is thinner, and the tightening force of the sealing effect decreases. With the passage of time and the effect of temperature, the increasing creep of each element makes the pressure on the gasket smaller and smaller, and eventually leads to the failure of the seal. Especially in the flange connection under high temperature state, the creep relaxation phenomenon is more obvious. The socket flange diameter is 150 mm, the working temperature is 500cC, and the internal pressure is 10 MPa. The socket flange connection group is made of 12 groups of M30 bolts connected with high temperature steel. After assembling for one year, the compression force is only L / 3 with the initial preload force. Therefore, increasing the life and reducing maintenance of bolted socket flange connections, it is always an important consideration to choose suitable gaskets and bolt materials to slow down this creep relaxation behavior.

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