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Flange is used for pipe end connection

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  Flange is used for pipe end connection; also used in the equipment, and used for the connection between the two devices, such as reducer flange. Flange connection or flange connection is defined by the flange, gasket and bolt are connected as a group of combined seal structure of the detachable connection. Pipe flange refers to the pipeline installation of piping flange, used in equipment refers to equipment import and export flange. There are two bolt holes on the flange, the flange connect. Flange gasket seal. Sub threaded flange connection (threaded connection), flange welding flange and flange clamp. All flanges are used in pairs, and the low pressure pipe can be used for the use of wire connecting flanges, and the use of four kg or more pressure on the use of welding flanges. Between the two pieces of the flange and the sealing pad, and then use the bolt fastening. Different pressure flange thickness, the use of bolts are also different .

  We are engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of Butt Weld Fitting that is available in varied types such as carbon steel flanges and pipe flanges. Sourced from reliable vendors, these fittings are highly acknowledged for their high tensile strength, durability and accurate alloy composition. These find application in several industries such oil & gas, automobile, acid & chemical, pharmaceutical and cement industries. We are known for our butt welding fitting pieces.

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