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Carbon Steel Threaded Flanges Have Excellent Skid Resistance

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  Carbon steel threaded flanges have excellent skid resistance, which ensures that the steel pipe and flange are attached to the surface, attaching to the point or line of useful joint area to overcome the defects of cast iron and steel flange, and eliminating dangerous sliding of steel. According to certain standards of production and use, it can play an important role and value in different fields and industries so as to ensure the important role and contribution to play in the use.

  Usually does not produce punching scrap, material consumption, and does not need heating device, it is a kind of material saving, low cost method to save processing, in stamping. More is from their own working flange salespeople to understand, knowledge of the product, and the knowledge of the flange salespeople to expand their products in what field suitable for what, so what type of material to have a certain understanding can give our users a special reliable opinion. Now, some non - standard containers and strength calculations mean that there is no specific national standard, and the working state of the flange is an important technical parameter for the safety equipment of the whole work.

  Three types of flange seal face: the pressure of plane sealing surface is not suitable for high, non-toxic occasions; uneven sealing surface, suitable for high pressure conditions; the sealing surface of the tongue and groove, flammable, explosive, toxic media and the pressure of the occasion. When the probe detects an ultrasonic pulse on the curved vertical inner wall, the probe is received by the inner wall by the first reflection pulse. The detector then receives the reflection pulse from the outer surface of the tube wall, and the interval distance between the inner surface and the pulse reflection reflects the thickness of the wall.

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