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Characteristics and Application of Thread Flange

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  Threaded flanges connect the pipeline and maintain good sealing performance, easy to replace a section of pipeline; Threaded flanges easy to disassemble and check the pipeline situation; Threaded flanges easy to close a section of pipeline;Threaded flanges simple structure, small size, compact and easy to operate and maintain. ANSI B16.5 304L Carbon Steel Forged Threaded Flange is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, dairy, machinery manufacturing, sewage treatment, municipal water supply pipeline, fire fighting pipeline and other industries.

  Compared with Threaded flanges or butt welded flange, screw flange has the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance, and can be used in some pipelines where welding is not allowed. In fact, the Threaded flanges connection is convenient for disassembly, connecting smaller diameter and larger thickness of pipe fittings. Thread high-pressure flange in production and use in accordance with certain principles and principles of production and use, to ensure that in accordance with the correct way and method of use, to provide good use of value and role.

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