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Different Types of Industrial Flanges

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  The flange is a piece to connect pipes, pumps and valves. It is widely used in industrial pipe systems. Industrial flanges are becoming bigger and bigger and the material could be stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. So you should be know the types of flanges. Below are the main flange designs:

  Blind flanges: it fits near the tipe of the valves, pipes, vessel openings. They usually use stainless steel material.

  Lap joint flanges: it is mainly used with a lapped pipe or with a stub finish lap joint flange. The sort of set up is right for methods that require dismantling for inspection and cleaning.

  Slip on flanges: they are bored slightly bigger than the outer diameter of the matching pipe. The pipe slips into the flange before the welding takes place, each inside and out of dorrs to prevent leakage.

  Socket weld flanges: they are welded to the end of the pipe. A steel socket flanges can disconnect and reconnect the pipe easily.

  Weld neck flanges: they are usually designed with a welding neck and have a small co-axial hole in the middle.

  Threaded flanges: normally, they are used in special occasions. The main advantage is that they are often hooked up to the pipe with none welding. Carbon Steel Threaded Flange with High Pressure are used for main pressure and small diameter applications.

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