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Stainless Steel Socket Flange Series Size?

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  Stainless Steel Socket Flange series size? The development of stainless steel socket flange products keeps pace with the times, and after constant reform and innovation, the product has a wide range of applications. At present, there are many industries in which products are used, which brings great convenience to human beings.

  Applicable scope of stainless steel socket flange:

  Stainless steel socket flange is not easy to deform, sealed well and widely used. It has corresponding rigidity and elasticity requirements and reasonable butt-weld thinning transition. The distance between the weld and the joint surface is large, and the joint surface is free from welding temperature distortion. SS316 Class 150 Stainless Steel Socket Flange China Supplier adopts a relatively complex cough trumpet structure and is suitable for pipelines with large fluctuation of pressure or temperature or high temperature and high pressure. Stainless steel socket flange low-temperature pipelines, generally used for PN greater than 2.5 MPa pipeline and valve connection; stainless steel socket flange also used to transport expensive, flammable, explosive media pipelines.

  The birth of stainless steel socket flange products makes human life more convenient. With the development of science and technology, stainless steel socket flange products are constantly updated. Now products are applied in all walks of life and are loved by people. But nowadays, manufacturers of products are everywhere, so it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the purchase before confirming.

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