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When flange leak how to solve

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  When flange leak how to solve

  Flange in the course of the use of the flange when the improper connection or the use of too long and leaked the situation, the situation users do not worry. First look at the leaked parts, in the leakage of the general position due to the flange is very small gap can not be injected through the gap sealant to eliminate leakage. Seal construction method According to the site of the leak site survey, in order to achieve limited plugging, the use of fixed fixture method to contain leakage points to form a sealed chamber, injection sealant, thus eliminating the leakage. While the side of the fixture are made, the fixture to meet the first flange to contain leakage points, the establishment of the valve body flange and 1/2" ASME B16.5 Socket flanges connection between the short section of the sealing chamber for the first point. In order to prevent the pressure on the valve body and the flange gap between the occurrence of leakage and re-leakage, in the fixture and the flange outside the flange at the location of the ring cavity injection. As the diameter of the flange in the injection process of the fixture easy to the diameter of the flange side of the displacement, so the use of tooth contact with the clamping measures. In the operation of the sealant after curing, through the effect of observation, the local fill compression, to prevent stress relaxation, and then closed injection hole.

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