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Pressure range and tolerance of threaded flange

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  Threaded flanges are only suitable for British pipe series. When the thread type of the threaded flange is 55 pipe threads according to GB7306, the outer diameter of the steel pipe for DN150  threaded flange should be 165.1 mm. When using 60 conical pipe threads, the outer diameter of steel pipe for DN65  threaded flange should be 73 mm, and that for DN125  threaded flange should be 141.3 mm. In use, special  threaded flange attention should be paid to the nominal pressure range and nominal diameter range of threaded flange set with reference to ISO7005-1. PN0.6-4.0 MPA, DN10-150 mm.

  The main products of Hebei Shengtian pipe fittings are flange( ASTM A105 F316 NPT Forged Stainless Steel Threaded Flange/ Blind flanges/Weld neck flanges), elbow, Stainless Steel Tees, Stainless Steel Reducers, Stainless Steel Cross, different diameter pipe, etc. Threaded flanges are widely used with nuclear power, thermal power, wind power, hydropower, petrochemical, ship, food and medicine, paper printing, sewage treatment, etc. and have received unanimous praise from our customers.

  At the same time, we constantly provide the Threaded flanges technology of products, constantly strengthen and improve the quality assurance system of threaded flanges in the production process, strictly check every link in the threaded flanges process, and carry out strict quality inspection on every threaded flanges produced, so as to ensure the quality of threaded flanges, so as to ensure that customers have no return sales records.

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