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Butt welded pipe fittings

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  The pressing elbows, Butt welded pipe fittings,Casting blind flange,tees or forged fittings when they are forming, usually the raw material is heated to the desired temperature, and then placed in a mold pressing or forging. The welded pipe fittings, including two situations: one is to use the welding pipes as raw material. Pipe factory, the adoption of the pipe fittings forming process is the same  as seamless pipe forming process. Pieces of pipe fitting forming process does not require welding process ; the other is the pipe factory need to do the welding process, such as a monolithic plate pressing after assembly and welding into a elbow shaped, steel plate welded into a tube and then pressing into a tee etc.

  Welding fittings commonly used SMAW, GMAW welding and Automatic Welding. Hebei Shengtian Pipe Fittings Group Ltd will test the butt welded fittings, such as pipe size, appearance, thickness, hardness, weld X-ray detector on the welding line, and other testing to ensure standard quality.

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