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Stainless steel plate flange installation matters needing attention

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  Flange is a kind of disc-shaped parts, most common in pipeline engineering. Stainless steel flange material has many, 304, 316, 316L, according to different customer requirements can be customized. Stainless steel flange with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, petroleum, medical machinery manufacturing. ASME B16.5 A182 F304 Stainless Steel Plate Flange in actual use in accordance with the normal way and principle of use to ensure the use of quality and value, in accordance with the normal use of standards and installation. There is no question of quality and performance. Ensure that the stainless steel flanges installed do not leak, and the problems to be noted when installing are as follows:

  (1) stainless steel flanges should be strong enough to be deformed without fastening.

  (2) stainless steel flange sealing surface should be neat and clean. When installing, the oil stain and rust stains should be carefully cleaned.

  (3) the tightening force of stainless steel flange should be uniform and the compression of cushion should be controlled at 1/3 left.

  (4) Gaskets should have good oil resistance and anti-aging properties, as well as better elasticity and mechanical strength. The installation should be based on the shape of the joint, with different sections and dimensions of the gasket, and placed correctly.

  Stainless steel flange is not a simple mechanical component in common sense, but a mechanical product carrier containing rich technical connotation. Our factory has its own production line and a complete set of processing equipment. Whether it is made or processed, there are corresponding facilities. Shengtian Group invited all enterprises and individuals to visit the factory, and the factory expressed warm welcome.

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