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Technical requirements for carbon steel socket flanges

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  Carbon steel flange, that is flange or end flange connection with carbon steel as its main body. Carbon steel flanges, which are carbon steel, are called carbon steel flanges.

  Carbon steel socket flange manufactured according to the size and tolerance range required by the national standard are different from socket flange manufactured not according to the standard size, which are also called two-standard flanges. Usually some unscrupulous merchants will reduce the thickness and outer diameter of socket flange to achieve the purpose of saving materials, and also use scrap steel. Or corner socket flange processing, usually this steel is not up to the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the scrap, or even the use of black steel mill private steel production ANSI B16.5 Class 150 RF Carbon Steel Socket Flange, the use of this private steel-making technology can not guarantee mechanical properties and weldability, when used may not be able to weld with steel pipes, or the steel itself has cracks and pores will leak after welding. So when buying socket flange, use carbon steel socket flanges as far as possible.

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