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Preparations for carbon steel plate flange measurement

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With the rapid development of domestic and foreign pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test has become an essential and important link. Before and after the pressure test, each section of pipeline must be cleaned by ball cleaning, usually 4 ~ 5 times. Especially after the pressure test, the water stored in the pipeline is difficult to clean, and the cleaning times will be more. Before the measurement of carbon steel flange, it is necessary to make certain preparations, measure according to certain methods and methods, and determine different measurement methods according to specific conditions to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
  The following describes the preparations for carbon steel plate flange measurement:
  1. Before measurement, according to the position of large flange, first draw the sketch of each connecting large flange of the equipment and number it continuously, so that the fixture can be installed according to a certain way and principle, so as to ensure normal use.
  2. During installation, the carbon steel flange may have different outer diameters, staggered joints (non concentric) and unequal gasket thickness, so the machined fixture shall correspond to the carbon steel flange on the side and cannot be interchanged. Therefore, measuring the size and number of each part is the key to fixture processing and installation
  3. When measuring, it is best to arrange three people, two of whom measure, one of whom proofreads and fills in the form. The measuring tool is vernier caliper. If there is no condition, external caliper and steel ruler can be used Measurement is a detailed work and the premise of fixture installation. The measurement and record must be prepared without error, and the form must be filled in carefully and clearly In the actual measurement work, we should cooperate with each other and be able to cooperate and use according to the correct principle.

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