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Difference of carbon steel flange in application and production

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  The difference between application and production of carbon steel flange is reflected in hardness and strength. Flange plays an important role in application. Different materials of carbon steel flange can be used in the use of different advantages and characteristics, low carbon steel plasticity, low strength. It is necessary for flange connection to bear high tensile strength, compressive strength, torsional strength and shear strength.

  It should be used according to certain manufacturing examples and essentials for sealing pipe plug. Carbon steel flange in the production of necessary information and production configuration for production, carbon steel flange is a flange without holes in the middle. Production according to strict process. Carbon steel flange is a better choice. It becomes strong with the right amount of carbon.

  Plain face flange is usually used only for low pressure, carbon steel flange condition. Flange situation difference. It is equipped with soft thin gasket; under high pressure, if the strength of flange is sufficient, it can also use flat face flange, but thick soft gasket should be used, and the spiral gasket with inner reinforcing ring or reinforcing ring should be used.

  In this kind of place, the metal gasket is not practical, because the pressing force required at this time is too large, resulting in large deformation of the bolt, so that the flange is not easy to seal. If the metal gasket is to be used, the smooth surface should be reduced to reduce the war area with the gasket. In this way, when the bolt tension is the same, the compression stress of the narrowed smooth surface will increase.

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