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The advantages of high butt welding neck flange

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  High butt welding neck flange are mainly high neck stiffness and bearing capacity of the flange. Its purpose is to transfer pressure pipeline, thereby reducing flange base in high stress concentration is also called the high neck flange, butt welding flange larger rigidity, suitable for the occasion of high pressure and temperature. The main production process has the whole forging, forging manufacturing and casting, rolling, etc. The main production equipment has lathe, drilling machine, CNC machine tools, etc. Application: apply to the boiler pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, stamping elbow food and other industries. Installation is convenient, can omit weld knead injury process. According to the standard are flat - GB9115.1 butt weld steel pipe flanges, convex butt weld steel pipe flanges - GB9115.6.

  Butt welding flange including a circular ring set of ontology, ontology is the center of the diversion channel is set up, body corresponding to the diversion channel lateral position setting several number of connection holes, the axial end of the body surface with convex sets, ontology of axial set on the other end of the taper connecting tube, axial end face of the convex set on the ring grooves. This product is able to effectively improve the effect of butt welding flange sealing.

  We are specialized in producing flanges, Such as weld neck flanges, Slip on flanges, Blind flanges, Socket flanges, threaded flanges and plate flanges etc.

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