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Applications of flanges

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  Applications of flanges

  The initial cost of the higher performance compact flange is inevitably higher than a regular flange due to the closer tolerances and significantly more sophisticated design. Subsequently the product tends to be used in environments where the cost of maintenance or the consequences of leaks are particularly undesirable. By way of example, compact flanges are often used in oil and gas sub-sea or riser applications, cold work and cryogenic applications, gas injection applications, high-temperature applications, and nuclear applications.

  My company has the advanced production equipment and various testing equipment, the production equipment including size each lathe, forging bed, to enlarge the hole machine etc, testing equipment and testing room Germany import spectrometer, laboratory. The products of the company according to gb, Japanese standard, Germany standard, American standard, British standard standard production Carbon steel flanges and steel flange, etc. Special specification according to customer requirements, annual production capacity,  It may be said in the industry manufacturers.

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