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How to deal with air leakage of common flange air duct

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Cause analysis of air leakage of plate flange:
(1) The flange gasket material selected for ventilation and air conditioning system does not meet the requirements of code for construction acceptance;
(2) The thickness of flange gasket is not enough, which affects the elasticity and fastening degree;
(3) The undercut allowance of segment blanking exceeds the standard requirements;
(4) The undercut joint, flange insert joint and hole gap are not sealed with sealing paste.
Consequence: the air duct system adopts combined flange connection, which causes serious air leakage. The air leakage test is unqualified and does not meet the quality standard, resulting in excessive air loss of the whole system, unable to meet the air volume requirements, and serious waste of energy.
Prevention measures:
The medium pressure air duct can adopt button type undercut; Corner bite seam or combined corner bite seam shall be applied at the four corners of high-pressure air duct or clean system air duct.
(2) The air duct undercut joint, flange free insert joint and hole gap shall be sealed with sealing paste without air leakage.
(3) The flange gasket shall be made of airtight, elastic and non aging connecting materials, with a thickness of 3 ~ 5mm and a width of no less than 10mm.

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