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Advantages Of Flange Force Transfer Joint

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1. The installation of blind flange is simple and convenient, which is convenient for valve installation and can bear the axial tension of pipeline.
2. It is composed of metal casting or welding, and trapezoidal rubber sealing ring is selected at the loose part under the action of gland and bolt.
3. Use the principle of rubber compression elastic deformation. Force the sealing ring to deform between the outer wall of the expansion pipe of the joint body for static sealing.
4. The material is coated with high-strength anti-corrosion paint on the outside, and the connecting bolts of each part are made of high-strength carbon steel or stainless steel. Because there is a certain gap between the body and the telescopic pipe, it has a certain axial and radial displacement.
5. It can effectively compensate and relieve the thrust of pipeline and blind plate in the pipeline, and facilitate the installation, maintenance and replacement of water pumps and valves. It is actually an ideal supporting product in the pipeline installation and operation industry.
After the limit bolt is added to the flange force transfer joint, the defects of the ordinary flange force transfer joint are solved. When the flange force transfer joint expands freely according to the needs of the pipeline, once it exceeds itself, once it exceeds its own expansion amount, it will ensure the normal operation of the flange force transfer joint.
The double flange force transmission joint is made of metal. The force transmission joint is metal, because the accessories used in Kanto are metal products. No matter what kind of pipeline uses, the flange force transmission joint is metal, but we need to know that although some of the materials used in the pipeline are metal, different materials are different.
If the pipeline is prone to thermal expansion and cold contraction, the loose flange force transmission joint with relatively good pressure resistance and all aspects shall be selected; In case of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the pipeline, it will not be damaged. Choose the metal of wear-resistant material, because the pipeline uses flange force transmission joint. If the wear-resistant conditions are met, the pipeline can be used for a longer time.

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