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Scope of application of threaded flange

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  Threaded flange is suitable for processing bolt holes and water lines in pipelines with large fluctuation of pressure or temperature or pipelines with high temperature, high pressure and low temperature. Manufacture High Quality Stainless Steel Class 300 Threaded Flange thus produced is called threaded flange. Our company saves cost according to the requirement of continuous improvement. The material of this kind of threaded flange is carbon steel flange blank, which is also attributed to the production of threaded flange, threaded flange left over from the bulk. It can be packed specially according to customers'requirements.

  Others call it flange cover or threaded flange, so the sealing principle of flat threaded flange is constantly improving and perfecting. Distribution of goods by means of transportation serves the vast number of new and old customers. When the pipe material is special and can withstand hot air, the practical properties are also different. Welding guide and link weight guide of threaded flange in use need to be processed according to certain ways and methods before using the technology of water line and bolt hole.

  The corresponding threaded flange shape basically covers all specifications, which will cause certain difficulties in transportation. Sales has a group of professional engineers and technicians this type of equipment and valves commonly used. Under normal conditions, water quenching is often used for threaded flange. As bolts, gaskets and threaded flanges are loosely rolled, flanges are also used in pipelines to transport expensive, flammable and explosive media.

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