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pipe fittings showed a trend of rapid recovery

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  We know that in the pipeline, a variety of other than the straight pipe fittings can be referred to as tube fittings. But a habit. Let's pipe elbow, tee, reducer, cap and all kinds of pipe diameter known as the high pressure pipe fittings, together with the flange, valve, expansion joints, pipe supports, etc respectively. The following main pipe subdivided: according to the straight tube and pipe welding when the welding method, the pipe can be divided into two categories: pipe socket (SW) and thread (TH) butt welding (BW), elbow, tee, reducer, pipe cap, elbow, tee, reducer, pipe cap, all kinds of pipe joint (by orders, BeiLun, single head wire, double wire, BuShen, block no. 1) according to whether with weld pipe appearance, pipe fittings can be divided into two categories: have a seam pipes and seamless pipes, GB12459-90 is the seamless pipe specification, GB/T13401-92 is a seam pipe specification. In the high pressure steel pipe fittings industry under low surplus set, used to make different contribution of financial capital is small, but should be fully taken advantage of. Iron and steel industry to realize from the investment in new technology research and development and the improvement of production technology for a long time made great gains, especially the capital contribution can bring efficiency. Economic cooperation arrangement of steel board to the iron and steel enterprise's productivity level discussion, there is still demand for processing to ensure the sustainable development of iron and steel industry the main battle, especially put forward of high exit barriers may appear problem, in some countries have limited the size of the mall resolution of capital allocation. In the iron and steel industry, the technical advantages and has played a key role, after continue to improve the production process and produces high quality and high value-added steel helps to bring to the company benefit. Set different about the steel trade structure a country also has a major impact. The iron and steel industry has been trying to set vision and reduce the impact on the environment. Iron and steel industry, however, there is room for further strengthening exploration, especially in the developing breakthrough in the progress of steel production technology, can play to help processing of iron and steel industry in the face of environmental protection.

  We have adopted advanced production equipment and technologies to manufacture our weld neck flanges and plate flange, which can not only improve product quality, but also save raw materials. Our products have high strength, good toughness and resistance to corrosion.

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