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This year's pipe fittings industry is not optimistic

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  This year's pipe fittings industry is not optimistic, in contrast, other iron and steel industry have also been affected. Now casting industry is faced with the problem of the slow development of the business, factory workers were rested and more layoffs. In the look at the car manufacturing industry, auto manufacturing impact is too small but now auto production industry is worrying. In the summer after the steel industry since the off-season car manufacturing industry is a crisis, the real order to reduce fault appears again. And pipe fittings industry is also a period, the iron and steel industry in must be drawn after one hundred million big no. Again, also can only be guaranteed earned outside the basis of strategy, the company after several years of development of each pipe has a loyal and stable customer. In this crisis must hold them, don't dig the corner by others. Again to increase their business development ability, to ensure that their rear of efforts to develop the new customer is king. Each enterprise all know that in a stable customer will because all sorts of problems in slowly passed, and in this stormy time is short. So before each enterprise is an opportunity, and ability to retain old customers and develop new customers is the key of the competition.

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