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Die forging process for manufacturing blind flange

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In the process of manufacturing blind flange, die forging is fully called model forging. The heated blank is forged in the forging die fixed on the die forging equipment.
1. Basic process of die forging die forging process: blanking, heating, pre forging, final forging, punching, edge cutting, tempering and shot peening. Common processes include upsetting, drawing, bending, punching and forming.
2. Common die forging equipment common die forging equipment include die forging hammer, hot die forging press, flat forging machine and friction press, etc.
Generally speaking, the quality of forged flange is better. It is generally produced by die forging, with fine crystal structure and high strength. Of course, the price is also more expensive.
Both cast flanges and forged flanges are common manufacturing methods of flanges. Depending on the strength requirements of the components to be used, turning flanges can also be selected if the requirements are not high.

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