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Function and precautions of blind flange

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Blind flange plays the role of isolation and cutting, which is the same as that of head and pipe cap. Because of its good sealing performance, it is generally used as a reliable isolation means for systems that need complete isolation. The blind plate is a solid circle with a handle, which is used for systems that are normally isolated.
The figure 8 blind plate is shaped like figure 8. One end is a blind plate and the other end is a throttling ring, but the diameter is the same as the pipe diameter of the pipeline and does not play a throttling role.
The spectacle blind plate is easy to use. When isolation is required, the blind plate end shall be used. When normal operation is required, the throttling ring end shall be used. At the same time, it can also be used to fill the installation gap of the blind plate on the pipeline.
Another feature is that the identification is obvious and it is easy to identify the installation state.
matters needing attention
The flange blind plate shall not be galvanized when used in oil medium system, but shall be hot-dip galvanized when used in other medium systems,
The minimum zinc coating weight is 610g / m2, and the hot-dip zinc quality inspection shall be conducted according to CB * / z343.

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