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Weld neck flanges is widely used

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  Weld neck flanges is widely used. It is mainly connected by pouring, spiral or welding. It is a kind of welded pipe. The weld neck flange is mainly matched according to the needs of the pipeline. In the production process, one set of weld neck flange can be cast completely, or it can be processed on site in the later stage of the project.

  What material is the weld neck flange made of? Weld neck flange can be used in pipeline and domestic water. According to the different application occasions, the materials selected are also different. It is mainly made of cast steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy and other materials. It is also because of the diversity of materials, so that weld neck flange can also be used in more occasions. We can see weld neck flange in many industries. Weld neck flange has different standards because of different application industries.

  Weld neck flange made of different materials, their pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of performance are also different, according to the use of the situation to determine. Weld neck flange is a part of connecting pipeline, which has different types such as socket type and welded pipe type. The manufacturer also produces according to different requirements.

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