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Storage and transportation of forged stainless steel flange

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  Stainless steel forged flange mainly refers to the flange made of stainless steel. This kind of welding position belongs to one of all welding positions, which is easy to be welded. After surface treatment with improved mechanical properties, almost all applications are satisfied. Pipeline flange refers to the flange used for piping in the pipeline device, and for equipment, it refers to the forged flange at the inlet and outlet of the equipment. The development of high hardness, wear-resistant and long life die materials and surface treatment methods will be beneficial to the expansion of the application of precision forging and precision stamping. These effects are naturally the same in different components. Stainless steel flange pipe fittings have excellent impact strength, can be hot-melt welded and mechanical connection, superior to the thermal conductivity of pb-pp-r. This is not only for the export demand of ANSI Class 150 Stainless Steel Forged Blind Flange, but also for the convenience of transportation in China to prevent corrosion and oxidation

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