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Application occasion and advantages of plate flange

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  Plate Flange: It is used for butt welding of flange and pipe. Plate Flange structure is reasonable, strength and stiffness are large, it can withstand high temperature and pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, and its sealing is reliable. Plate Flange with nominal pressure of 0.252.5 MPa adopts concave-convex sealing surface.

  ANSI A350 DN200 Carbon Steel Plate Flange is suitable for pipeline system with low pressure level and low pressure fluctuation, vibration and vibration. Plate Flange is widely used because of its easy alignment and low cost in welding and assembling.

  Because of its good comprehensive performance, plate flange is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, water heating, fire protection, electric power, aerospace, shipbuilding and other basic engineering.

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