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Determinants of service life of blind flanges

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  There are many factors that influence the service life of blind flange, blind flange material due to high viscosity, chip breaking performance is poor, prone to tapping process in scratching workpiece cutting threads or tap tipping phenomenon so the tap in SS 316 ANSI B16.5 stainless steel blind flange, affect the processing efficiency and quality of thread. In order to prolong the service life of the taps and improve the quality of the thread processing,

  In Steckel mill, thermal mechanical history of blind flange throughout the length of the obvious change, especially in micro welding production, will produce strong influence on finishing mill recrystallization, grain growth and precipitation, and lead to dramatic changes in the ultimate microstructure and function on the whole blind flange length. When grinding, it is necessary to maintain the original geometric shape of the leading direction. It is better to use the taps to sharpen the grinding machine. The best way to solve the longer base of the taps is to customize the shorter taps on the basis of the specific requirements of the processed thread.

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