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How to deal with the expected problems of threaded flange

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  How to deal with the leakage problem of threaded flange, when using threaded flange, it will leak because of improper threaded flange. If this happens, there is no need to worry. First, the leaking parts must be checked. Because the connection gap of threaded flange is not big, it is impossible to introduce sealant according to the gap to eliminate leakage

  The construction method of sealing engineering is investigated on the spot according to the leakage location. In order to achieve a relatively limited sealing, fixed clamping method is used to hold the dew point to produce a sealing cavity, and sealant is introduced to remove the leakage.

  The positioning device on the other side should be purchased. Fixture must be the first to achieve the containment dew point. The sealing cavity is first created between the oil board threaded flange and the pipeline threaded flange. In order to prevent the leakage again due to the potential leakage in the gap between the oil circuit board and the threaded flange plate due to overturning, the annular cavity is introduced at the outer edge of the fixture and oil circuit board threaded flange.

  Because the threaded flange of different diameter is easy to move to the side of small diameter threaded flange in the whole process of injection, the limited countermeasure is adopted. In the operation process, after the sealant is dry, carefully observe the actual effect, carry out a part of filling, prevent stress relaxation, and close the lead-in hole. Specification and application of butt welding threaded flange.

  The head neck of threaded flange is thicker, which can improve the stiffness. Therefore, the maximum working pressure range and diameter range are specified.

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