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The plate flange connection is the most common

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  The plate flange connection is the most common and common way of connecting a variety of containers and process pipelines. Taking into account the requirements of the production process or to consider the manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance of the convenience of the container and the process of pipe connections often use removable structure that is plate flange connection, which has good joint strength and tightness, and the size The range is relatively wide; therefore,plate flanges are widely used in vacuum salt production enterprises because the medium in the container and the pipe is a sodium sulphate solution (ie, brine) with relatively strong corrosive properties. Although ASTM Alloy Steel Plate Flange has a high strength and good plasticity and cut, but its poor corrosion resistance, the general use of time in a month after a large area of corrosion will occur after six months there will be a large area perforation.

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