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Characteristics of plate flanges

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  Plate flange connection is the most basic and common way of connection in various containers and process pipelines. Considering the requirements of the production process, or considering the convenience of manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance, the connecting of the detachable structure, namely the plate flange, is often used in the connection of the vessel and process pipe, which has better connection strength and tightness, and is widely used in the size range; therefore, the plate flange joint is widely used in the vacuum system. In salt enterprises, because the medium in containers and pipes is sodium chloride solution, it has relatively strong corrosiveness.

  The DIN2631 Pn25 6 Inch Forged Plate Flange is connected with the stainless steel valve. The plate flange connection is the welding flange at both ends of the valve body, which corresponds to the plate flange on the pipe, and the welding flange is fixed in the pipe through the bolt. Plate flange connection is the most frequently used connection form in stainless steel valves.

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