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Offer steel pipe fitting & flange-Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group

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  Hebei shengtian pipe-fitting group Co., ltd company in hebei province, china. Since 1982 we began to produce pipe fittings & flanges. We have  pipe fitting & flange factories in cangzhou, hebei. And now we are improving our pipe fitting quality and scale. We have bulit ourselves websites and sales offices in hebei and tianjin.  Many purchasing agents know us.

  We sell steel elbows , pipe tees, end caps,pipe reducers, bends and other pipe fittings in carbon steel and alloy steel and so on. Flange is also our main product.  If you want to make a note or call for question, please feel free to contact us .

  We are specialized in producing flanges, Such as weld neck flanges, Slip on flanges, Blind flanges, Socket flanges, threaded flanges and plate flanges etc. We have ability to produce you the detailed drawing flanges also. We have been in this line for over 25 years. Our products are exported to many countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America etc. We have a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

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