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How to deal with leakage of stainless steel flange

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  Stainless steel flange in the use of the process, due to inappropriate connection of stainless steel flange or use for too long and leakage of the situation, this situation does not need to alarm users. First look at the leak site, the leak site is generally due to the DIN2631 Pn25 Stainless Steel 6 Inch Forged Blind Flange connection gap is very small, it is impossible to inject sealant through the gap to eliminate leakage. Sealing construction method according to the leakage site survey, in order to achieve limited plugging, using fixed fixture method to contain the leakage point to form a sealing chamber, injecting sealant, thereby eliminating leakage.

  One side of the fixture is custom-made, fixture first to meet the inclusion of leakage point, the establishment of valve stainless steel flange and pipe flange connection between the short stainless steel flange sealing chamber for the first point.

  In order to prevent the potential leakage between the valve body and the flange from leaking again due to the compression, a circular cavity is set up to inject glue at the joint of the clamp and the stainless steel flange outer edge of the valve body. Because the clamp of the flange with different diameters is easy to displace to the side of the stainless steel flange with small diameters during the injection process, the tooth-shaped contact clamping method is adopted. After the sealant solidifies during operation, the effect is observed, and the sealant hole is sealed to prevent stress relaxation by local filling and pressing.

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